Must be equipped with a dead man switch.

A oil / fuel catch can is required. We dont want any oil or gas on the track.

Must be structurally sound. Scooter frames may be lightened but must not be done in such a way that it makes the frame unsafe.

Front and rear brakes are mandatory and in good working condition

Must be in good working condition with no unsafe mechanical defects. Such as a sticking throttle, loose steering, excessive slop in the front end.

Nitrous tanks must be securely fastened to in a manner with a proper mount.

CVT must be covered in such a way that if a belt were to snap no injury could occur to the rider or anyone else.


A DOT approved full face helmet in good condition with eye protection.

Full length jeans at a minimum

Shoes must cover the ankle and be leather. Hi-Tops are ok!

Riding gloves and a suitable riding jacket is highly recommended.

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